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About Hog Snort Resort

To say we have hunting in our DNA would be an accurate statement. We are fortunate to have four generations of hunting and conservation in our family. While the last twenty years have been dedicated to hog hunting, we have the honor to participate and be involved with some of the leading companies in the hog hunting industry. Whether you are looking for the ultimate hog attractants, supplimentary feed additives or possibly entertaining the idea of going into a new hunting caliber and platform, we have you covered. Maybe you're looking to experience your first hog hunt? We have teamed up with the best in the business! Any questions you may have, we will be happy to assist because, "We dig the pig"

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Hunting and Baiting Strategies

Yes, it's a fact, hogs have an enormous appetite and a sweet tooth. Drawing in hogs is relatively easy.

But we are often asked:
How do you attract the older alpha boars?
And more importantly,
how do you hold them to a particular area?

Attracting and keeping him in the vicinity takes a different mindset.

Here at Hog Snort Resort, after years of observing and hunting mature boars we have developed strategies and techniques, along with using the best products available.
With our dedicated test sites, and remote undisturbed areas, we are able to document and evaluate products in a 100% natural environment with no interference caused by human and domesticated traffic, resulting in a higher success rate when targeting older boars.

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Our Mission

Our mission at HSR is to assist our fellow hog hunters, staying one step ahead of the swine.

We witness with each new generation of hogs, how they continue to evolve and become smarter with each approaching hunting season. Their ability to learn and adapt to human pressure and exposure is remarkable.

By providing our customers with the best products available and deploying our tips and tactics, we are certain your success rate will increase substantially.

While there are countless products available on the shelves at your local sporting goods stores, we pride ourselves on the fact that the products we use and have developed are 100% natural and safe for the environment.

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If you have any questions or you have a particular problem with your baiting or hunting sites, feel free to reach out and contact us through our social media content or directly through our contact information.


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"One thing I've learned about feral hogs is they can be extremely unpredictable. Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they show up and when they disappear. I want to use every tool possible to keep them coming where I want them and Swamp Sauce helps me do that. I love watching the hogs swarm on my game camera! So grateful that I ran across this product!"

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